Racism by the Numbers


We’re bombarded with cries of racism in America today. It’s interesting. We have a black President, Attorney General, and many, many Mayors who are black. Yet we’re attacked by the media and the White House at every turn.

We’ve all now lived through the riots in Ferguson, Missouri over an incident where a young thug robbed a store, tried to strong-arm a cop and died in the process. We’ve now lived through the Baltimore riots where a young thug was arrested and dies on the way to the precinct. The jury is still out on who did what in this case but over half the cops involved weren’t white and yet its still racism.


Now let’s look at real, blatant racism in America. The numbers don’t lie. In 2012 we had one of America’s worst tragedies. A nut case, who was white, shot and killed 20 young, white children and teachers at a Connecticut school named Sandy Hook. What an awful tragedy. One year after the tragedy our Justice Department, with the obvious approval of the White House gave what they called ‘victims compensation’ to the families. The compensation totaled $1.5 million dollars that was split amongst all.

Late in 2012 we had another white nut case go into a theater in Aurora, Colorado and shoot the place up killing 12 people and scaring the daylights out of many, many others. Seven months after the shooting the Justice Department, with the obvious approval of the White House gave ‘victims compensation of $2.9 million to be split not only amongst the victims families, but others impacted by the shooting that by some estimates was 1,500 people. Not a lot per victim.

In 2013 we all remember the Boston Marathon bombing by a Muslim terrorist or two. It was awful. Only three died, many were wounded, some lost limbs on that awful afternoon. The ‘victims compensation’ came nine months after that tragic day and totaled $8.3 million dollars.

Let’s look at these three events. None were deemed racist and of course they weren’t racist. These unfortunate events that caused much misery and death happened at the hands of deranged people in the first two cases, and terrorists in the third case. But now let’s take a close look at the numbers by comparison.

1. Sandy Hook: # killed 20 – Compensation $1.5 million – time to money 1 year

2. Aurora: # killed 3 – Compensation $2.9 million – time to money 7 months

3. Boston: # killed 3 – Compensation $8.3 million – time to money 9 months

Now let’s take a look at our most recent tragedy in Charleston where another white nut case went off, shot up a church service and killed 9 parishioners who were black. There is no question but this event was racist. The writings of this young nut case would clearly indicate he intended to harm black people. Absolutely awful. Nine good people died needlessly just as those listed above died needlessly.

Let’s look at the ‘victims compensation’ in the case of the Charleston tragedy that was rendered from the Justice Department, with the obvious approval of the White House.

4. Charleston: #killed 9 – Compensation $29 million – time to money 2 days

Let that sink in. Think about those numbers. 20 white, young children die. A tragedy of major proportions. The White House immediately used this tragedy to promote gun control. One year later they provide compensation to these unfortunate families to the tune of $1.5 million dollars. Fast forward two years and another crazy person shoots up a black church, kills 9 people and 48 hours later the government pays $29 million dollars in compensation… you be the judge.

I have to confess at this point I question why the government is compensating people for crimes committed? I don’t understand the compensation at all. Why don’t we compensate victims families of a double homicide in Detroit? Makes no sense. But if you’re going to compensate for such tragedies shouldn’t there be some equity? In this case there is no equity in the payout or the timing. And the disparity in the payouts are pronounced. The difference is three tragedies are white victims and one is black victims.

We have a crisis of leadership in America and the numbers don’t lie. Racism is an awful thing. It’s much worse when our nations leaders are leading the charge and hiding as they do.


Source by Ed Kugler