RACQ: Deceptive discounted fuel prices “should be illegal”

The RACQ is calling on the State Government to ban misleading petrol price boards at Queensland service stations.

“Motorists can be lured in by service stations advertising cheaper petrol prices when the reality is that’s not the real price. This deceptive behaviour should be illegal,” said RACQ spokesperson Renee Smith.

“The discounted price is only applicable when drivers spend more in-store, or at an associated supermarket.”


Ms Smith says in NSW and SA the law prohibits servos from displaying a discounted petrol price – and Victoria will be introducing similar laws in December.

“The [State] Government promised Queensland motorists back in March this year it would investigate this issue further, but nothing’s changed,” she said.

Queensland’s Minister for Main Roads The Hon. Mark Bailey said the State Government was definitely in favor of reform – saying they were looking at similar models to those in Victoria or South Australia.

“It’s important that motorists get a fair go – that they have confidence when they pull into the service station that the price they get is the price they saw on the board. That’s our ultimate goal here,” the Minister said.

“We’re working our way through that in consultation with the industry and the Attorney General (The Hon. Yvette D’Ath) and we will act on it in this term of government (in or before 2018)”.