RACQ encourages vigilant car security during COVID crisis

Gold Coast motorists are being urged not to be complacent in securing their cars, with the month of May one of the busiest times for car theft across Queensland.

With more and more people now working from home due to the coronavirus crisis, there are concerns this year could be worse than ever.

Over the last three years alone, there have been 3,000 insurance claims for car theft around the state, with 403 of those on the Gold Coast.


RACQ spokesperson Lucinda Ross says May is already a more common month for car theft.

“Our stats show December is the month you’re most likely to have your car stolen, with May and November right behind that, taking out equal second place,” Ms Ross said.

“We’re also concerned by a significant increase in the number of cars being stolen in Queensland.

“When we crunched the numbers, we found a 15 percent increase in car theft claims from 2017 to 2018, and a nine percent increase from 2018 to 2019.

“The problem is getting worse, so we’re urging our members to make sure they do all they can to secure their car, otherwise they could risk losing it,” Ms Ross said.

Drivers are being reminded of a few simple things they can do to reduce the risk.

“We know many Queenslanders are doing the right thing and staying home right now, and you’d be forgiven for thinking that means you can keep an eye on your car at home – the reality is, opportunistic thieves can strike at any time,” Ms Ross said.

“Most vehicles are stolen from either the driveway, or from the street directly in front of the owner’s home – and most thieves will steal your car keys before they then steal your car.

“Our tip: treat your car keys like cash. Plenty of people come home from a trip to the shops or from work and drop their car keys on a side table at the front door. The problem with that is, if someone breaks into your home, that’s the first place they’ll look.

“It’s also vital you keep your car locked in a garage, or inside a secure fence, whenever you can – it’s an added layer of protection against thieves,” Ms Ross said.

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