RACQ issues winter warning to parents after 1200 babies locked in cars

Parents are being urged not to become complacent during the cooler months, with shocking new data revealing more than 1200 children have had to be rescued from locked cars in the past year.

RACQ spokesperson Renee Smith said it was an alarming statistic and an important reminder to parents who assumed children were only at risk during hot weather.

“Shockingly, on average, our patrols are called to rescue more than three children from locked cars in Queensland every day,” Ms Smith said.


“Most of these are accidental lock-ins and happen when Mum or Dad give the child a set of keys to play with, and they then press the lock button – it’s a frightening thought for any parent.”

Ms Smith said that even though it’s winter, there’s still no safe time to leave a child unattended in a car.

“Especially here in Queensland,” she said.

“Where our testing shows temperatures inside the car can rise by 10 degrees in just eight minutes – even if your car’s parked in the shade or a window’s left open.”

Ms Smith said parents or carers who found their children in theses situation should remain calm and call for help.

“If you see a child locked in a car and are concerned for their health, call RACQ or emergency services. Don’t ever try to break a window though, as this can injure the child inside.”