RACQ pushes for funding to stop car theft on GC

The RACQ is calling on all political parties to reinstate funding for the National Motor Vehicle Theft Reduction Council to stop car theft on the Gold Coast.

Queensland is no longer a member of the NMVTRC and RACQ spokesperson Kristy Clinton wants that to change.

“Queensland would benefit from national theft reduction strategies, shared information around organised criminal activity, fraud and vehicle laundering and other knowledge sharing projects,” Ms Clinton said.


The national scheme has reduced the cost of car thefts across Australia by $400 million per year and vehicle crime has dropped by 65 per cent.

RACQ data shows there have been 297 cars stolen from the Gold Coast in the last two years.

Ms Clinton said the figures reflect a negative impact on Queensland since we left the scheme in 2012.

“In the 2016/17 financial year, Queensland’s passenger vehicle theft rate had increased by 24 per cent, compared to a national average of six per cent,” she said.

“The investment needed is low compared to the significant savings made from the initiative, we estimate it would cost around $220,000 per year to be part of the scheme and for every $1 invested motorists would receive an almost three-fold benefit.”