RACQ rejects calls to cut ride-sharing licences in Queensland

The state’s leading motoring body has rejected calls from taxi bosses, calling for ride-sharing licences to be scaled back across Queensland.

The Taxi Council of Queensland has called for an NY-style cap on ride-shares as some of the major regions deal with a glut of Uber and other ride-share vehicles.

The increased in ride-share services has reportedly seen the value of taxi licences in the state drop by over 80 per cent in some areas.


However, the RACQ claims cutting ride-sharing licences will do nothing to improve congestion, arguing it would only reduce competition and increase costs for commuters.

The State Government has moved to review ride-share legislation introduced two years ago, with key issues including the number of cars operating on the roads, driver wages and prices, all being considered.

RACQ spokesperson Paul Turner said since the legislation was introduced, people’s transport options had become more flexible and fares were cheaper.

“There’s no doubt we’re seeing congestion and we think some of that is being caused by an influx of new ride-sharing operators and vehicles,” Mr Turner said.

“But at the end of the day we have a much more flexible and cheaper transport system than we did before ride-sharing came in.

“This is not about one company or another, this is about making the entire network work better and taxi’s have a role in that.

“But if we go down the step we went down with taxis, which is over regulation, capping the numbers and driving up the prices, the loser at the end of the day will be us, the commuter.”