RACQ says Slow Down as School Starts

WITH school children across the Coast returning to school today, the RACQ is calling for motorists to take extra care on the roads.

We’re being urged to take care, particularly through school zones where children would be stepping out of cards and crossing roads.

Renee Smith from the RACQ says, “School zones are one of the most dangerous places on our roads, with around 20 children injured in these areas in Queensland each year.”


“Children have not yet developed the spatial awareness we have as adults so I encourage everyone on the roads to be alert and prepared for the unexpected,” she said.

The RACQ says parents should take the following precautions when dropping kids at school:

  • Park safely, on the same side of the road as the school if possible, and let children out on the kerbside
  • Avoid reversing, particularly if visibility is hindered
  • Never double park
  • Never call to children from across the road

As part of the program to help children develop traffic and road sense, RACQ delivers the Streets Ahead program at Queensland primary schools throughout the year.