RACQ urges all drivers to check their cars for deadly airbags

Queenslanders are being urged to check their airbags with thousands of potentially deadly devices in our cars.

There are reports the Department of Transport and Main Roads will start cancelling the registration of thousands of vehicles that haven’t had their airbags replaces within weeks.

There are over 300 thousand cars in Queensland that are yet to get new airbags.


A simple way to check your car is by visiting Is My Air Bag Safe? 

RACQ Head of Technical and Safety Policy Steve Spalding said there could be deadly consequences if the airbags aren’t checked.

“If we can’t rely on car owners to protect themselves, then the State needs to step in,” he said.

“It’s not just about the car owner’s safety, these cars could be used as ride share vehicles or could be resold on to an unsuspecting buyer.

“There are just too many lives at stake.

Mr Spalding added, there are around 2,500 of the most deadly Takata airbags.

“What we find in a crash is that these airbags can be very unstable, and they can explode,” he told MyGC.

“There’ll be large pieces of shrapnel that will come out of the bag that will injure or fatally harm the occupants”.