RACQ warns: Make it to work alive

The State’s peak motoring body has issued a safety warning to motorists driving to and from work, with startling figures revealing the journeys accounted for around 15 percent of all Queensland road fatalities.

RACQ’s Lauren Ritchie said the CARRS-Q research highlighted the importance of remaining alert while driving, regardless of the type of journey.

“When you are travelling on the same stretch of road every day, it’s very easy to switch onto autopilot,” Ms Ritchie said.


“Unfortunately, many motorists aren’t paying enough attention to their driving or recognising the importance of the fatal five like speeding, drink driving, wearing a seatbelt, distraction and fatigue.

“These statistics show you have to be alert and aware of the task at hand every time you get behind the wheel.”

Ms Ritchie said the highest risk time for fatalities on Queensland roads was between 2-4pm.

“Afternoon is the prime time for fatigue to set in, with many people finishing up a busy work day or heading for school pick up,” she said.

“People who regularly work night shifts, work in the transport industry or who drive regularly for work face a higher risk of crashing.”

Ms Ritchie advised motorists to assess their ability to drive every time they get behind the wheel.

“You need to ask yourself whether you are fit for that particular trip, and not fall into a habit of saying ‘I’ll be alright’,” she said.