RACQ warns Queenslanders to get ready for storm season

Storm season is just around the corner, and Queenslanders are being urged to get ready and save.

RACQ has revealed how to prepare homes for the dangerous season, while also saving money on insurance premiums.

Spokesperson Lucinda Ross says it’s important for home owners to act now and safeguard lives and property.


“Storm season’s on our doorstep, so we’re urging Queenslanders to prepare themselves and their families now, in case the worst hits us.

“Clear debris from your yard and roof, trim back overgrown branches, and secure outdoor furniture items like trampolines and chairs so they don’t become projectiles in a storm.

“Make sure you have an emergency kit and discuss your evacuation plan with the entire family in case you need to leave. And of course, check your insurance cover is up-to-date,” Ms Ross said.

Homeowners are also being urged to put in place long-term mitigation measures which could protect you and could even get you a discount on your insurance premium.

“Homeowners can modify their property to make it safer in a storm, and if you’re in a cyclone-affected area, the changes may even mean you can knock off a few hundred dollars
off your annual premium, but always check that with your insurer,” she said.

“Adding measures like roller door bracing, glass reinforcement, window shutters, and roof strapping to permanently tie the roof down to the wall frames, all provide added protection,” Ms Ross said.

Pre-storm season checklist:

• Check home building and contents insurance is up-to-date
• Clear gutters and downpipes, and trim overgrown branches away from powerlines
• Check the roof for damaged or loose tiles and sheeting
• Remove or secure loose items from the yard that could become projectiles
• Join an early warning storm alert service
• Have an emergency kit including a battery-operated radio, a reliable torch and spare