RACQ’s top tips for driving in stormy conditions

The Gold Coast is set to be battered by storms this weekend and RACQ is urging drivers to be careful on our roads.

After a smattering of hail last night, we’re expected to get more rain today and other storms to hit later this week.

The RACQ says there are a number of simple steps you can take to stay safe behind the wheel.


“If you’re driving and a storm hits make sure you slow down, turn your lights on and leave extra distance between you and the car in front,” RACQ spokesperson Clare Hunter said.

“When we have these kind of weather conditions we need to be aware that anything can happen, and it can happen quickly, you need to be able to stop safely.”

In addition, drivers are urged not to speed home to avoid the weather and be aware they might need to drive slower than normal.

“When conditions are changing you need to react quickly and if you’re going a little be slower in we conditions you’re going to be a bit better off,” Ms Hunter said.

Finally, we’re told to get off the road if we don’t need to be on it, the trip to the shops can wait!