Rare sight as snake catcher finds deadly death adder on the Gold Coast

A DEATH adder – one of the most venomous snakes on the planet – has been found on the Gold Coast.

Local snake catcher Tony Harrison was on a mission to release another snake in the hinterland when he spotted the small but deadly reptile on Thursday night.

Tony has been catching snakes since 1984 and said Thursday night’s find was extremely rare.


He said he has only ever found one other death adder on the Gold Coast before.

It had hitchhiked to the Coast from Darwin in a woman’s luggage more than 20 years ago.

“It is really really exciting to see a death adder,” Tony said. “These guys are as rare as hens’ teeth.”

“In my whole time of snake catching, I’ve only come across a couple squashed on the road.”

The death adder was found in the Gold Coast hinterland on Thursday night PHOTO: Brooke Harrison / Facebook

Growing to an average size of just 40cm, death adders are considered to be the fifth most venomous snake on the planet and have the quickest strike of any snake on earth.

Its bite can cause paralysis which can cause death from a complete respiratory shutdown in just six hours.

PHOTO: Brooke Harrison / Facebook

The snake can go from a strike position, to strike and envenoming their prey, and back to strike position again in less than just 0.15 seconds – faster than a human can blink.

The reptile usually buries itself in leaf litter and uses its tail as a lure, waving it about near its face waiting for its prey to come to it, rather than hunting.

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Earlier on Thursday, Tony was called out to remove a 1.9 metre eastern brown snake from a house at Willowvale.

The monster snake tried sinking its fangs into Tony has he wrangled it out of a garden and into a double-locked bag.

The eastern brown is considered to be the second deadliest snake on the planet.

Footage of that epic catch was broadcast live on Facebook from where it has since gone viral.

It’s been an early and extremely busy start to the snake season for Tony, who has been called out to remove several brown snakes from homes across the Gold Coast over the past few weeks.

Earlier this month, the reptile wrangler was called out to remove a metre-long brown tree snake from a toilet.

The curious creature had slithered into a family’s home and somehow managed to get into the toilet and hide itself under the lip of the ceramic bowl.

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