Rare snubfin dolphin spotted off North Queensland Coast

Snubfin dolphins, which are a vulnerable species, are known for being extremely shy – but not this one!

Emma Schmidt, Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service Ranger, was going about her normal duties when she caught a glimpse of this gorgeous snubfin dolphin off Hinchinbrook Island. Although Emma has worked in the area around the island for more than 12 years, she has only ever spotted a snubfin dolphin twice.

“We were heading to Sunken Reef Bay and I noticed a pod of about 10 Indo-Pacific humpback dolphins and among them was this cute little snubby,” she told the Townsville Bulletin. “It was playing and mucking around jumping out of the water and in the photo it looks like it’s smiling.”


For those who want to see one for themselves, Emma recommends the Hinchinbrook Channel as it is a regular snubfin pod hotspot. However, she warns: “They are very rare, so this photo was just pure luck.”

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