RAT reporting rules see NSW case numbers soar

New South Wales has seen an explosion in COVID-19 numbers now that residents are required to register their positive results from rapid antigen tests.

The state recorded 92,264 cases in the last 24 hours along with a further 22 deaths.

Of those numbers, 30,877 were positive PCR tests.


New South Wales also reported 61,387 positive rapid antigen tests but 50,729 of those were from positive tests since January 1.

Health officials say many of those cases are likely to be people reporting multiple positive tests over a number of days.

New South Wales has now mandated the online reporting of positive rapid antigen tests with people who fail to comply facing fines of $1000.

The state now has 2383 people being treated in hospital for COVID with 182 patients in ICU.

Meantime, Victoria has recorded a further 37,169 COVID cases along with 25 deaths.

Almost 17,000 of the positive cases reported in the last 24 hours were from rapid antigen tests.

The state has 953 people in hospital with 29 people currently being ventilated.