WATCH – Raw, cut-up chicken* comes BACK TO LIFE and walks off plate

UPDATE @ July 27: Multiple experts have suggested that the freak ‘zombie chicken’ is actually frog.

Due to the unknown origin of the viral video, which has no doubt turned thousands of people vegetarian, no one has be able to confirm whether it actually happened.

However, some experts have now come out saying it’s impossible for raw chicken, served in a restaurant, to perform the hoppity-hop and floppity-flop moves seen in the video (linked below).


They have thus suggested that it was actually a frog leg, because in instances, raw frog can react that way when salted.

In my personal opinion it doesn’t make the video any less horrifying.

EARLIER @ July 26: Oh my god, I’m NEVER eating chicken again.

The internet has well and truly busted itself over the latest viral video.

No joke AT ALL a piece of chicken (as in, once it’s been killed, plucked, skinned and SEPARATED) has been caught up and walking off someone’s plate IN A RESTAURANT.

What, even, in this world!?

In a video posted by Rie Phillips from Florida a couple of weeks ago, a bit of chicken comes BACK to life on a plate and hop-hop-hops its way off the plate, and off the table it was sitting on.

Understandably, there’s a lot of screaming going on in the background while this phantom chicken goes for a stroll.

It’s. disturbing.

But I cannot stop watching it.

Also, I’m NEVER eating chicken again (well, after this week because I have it for lunch).

Check out the video below! How terrifying!?

Some people reckon the nerves were still active in the chicken, some people reckon it’s a joke, it’s so hard to know what happened.

At the time of writing, I became a vegetarian, and this video was on its way to 13 million views. So… wow.