Ready to have your face scanned automatically at the Commonwealth Games?

Get ready to have your face automatically scanned as you head to any of next year’s Commonwealth Games events.

Authorities are considering rolling out facial recognition technology across public transport and at Games venues as part of their security efforts to make sure next years event is as safe as possible against any possible terrorist attack.

Commonwealth Games Head of Security Danny Baade said: “GOLDOC and other security partners including the Queensland Police and Australian Government have been planning for the types of incidents that have occurred in London, Manchester and Europe.”


And while Mr Baade would not confirm outright that facial recognition will be used, he said that “a range of safety and security strategies are being considered and will be deployed for the Games. Some of these strategies will be obvious to the community, for example the use of airport-style screening at the entry of all venues,” Mr Baade said.

Queensland Police Service’s Assistant Commissioner Peter Crawford added: “This technology is constantly evolving. No decisions have been made regarding how and where this technology will be deployed. It is not appropriate to publicly discuss this security strategy further at this time.

“It remains an ongoing priority for GOLDOC, the Queensland Police and our Australian Government security partners to ensure that we deliver the safest Games possible,” Assistant Commissioner Crawford said.

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