Ready For It? Taylor Swift continues reincarnation with new song

Taylor Swift fans had only just started to calm down from the excitement of the release of the debut single from her new album, Reputation, before being sent into a spin once more.

The singer-songwriter has dropped another single overnight.

Ready For It? continues her transformation to the ‘New Taylor’ after Swift declared the ‘Old Taylor’ was dead with the debut single Look What You Made Me Do.


The lyrics, like always, tell a personal story, with speculation already swirling as to who’s the target.

“Me, I was a robber, first time that he saw me, stealing hearts and running off never saying sorry”, she sings.

Swift announced the latest release via her Twitter account and within a matter of hours she had sold more than 43,000 copies to dethrone herself from the no.1 spot on music charts around the world.

The album Reputation is expected to debut at no.1 upon its release date on November 10 with pre-orders already being taken on iTunes.

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Warning: This video does contain course language