A red alert is snow joke, except in Ireland

The Irish are in a state of limbo today, with a lot of the lucky country enjoying a ‘Snow Day’.

The entire east woke up to blankets of snow this morning, with the worst still on the way.

The unusual snowfall has been dubbed “The Beast of the East”, and it’s resulted in severe ice warnings and in some areas, a red alert.


Schools and businesses have been closed since yesterday, and public transport has stopped.

Taoiseach (Prime Minister) Leo Varadkar has even requested people be back in their homes by 4pm, before Storm Emma is due to hit.

Though the country is cooling down, social media is blowing up with locals going wild on their ‘Snow Day’!

People are preparing for the worst, with grocery stores now drastically under stocked. A popular morning show, Ireland AM, even ran a segment today about how to bake your own bread!

Trucks haven’t been able to keep up with the unusual demand, struggling to even get deliveries in the door.

Here’s one arriving, or trying to arrive, to a grocery store.

Christmas FM is broadcasting for one day only, in celebration of SNOW!


No skis? No worries – one man’s used a canoe to enjoy the slopes.

A Deliveroo driver has taken a long break!

The Irish Winter Olympics have launched…

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