RED CARPET WRAP: Australian Premiere of Elvis on the Gold Coast

The Gold Coast is still buzzing following all of the glitz, glamour and excitement of the Australian Premiere of Elvis at Event Cinemas Pacific Fair on Saturday night.

The shopping centre was turned into a massive red carpet for some major Hollywood celebrities, including Austin Butler (Elvis), Tom Hanks and Olivia DeJonge.

Everyone who’s anyone on the Gold Coast turned out for the spectacular, including the Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk, Governor Jeanette Young and Gold Coast Mayor Tom Tate.


While local, Australian and even international media lined the carpet to grab interviews with all the stars.

Check out just some of the red carpet action here:

1029 Hot Tomato‘s Galey & Christo and myGC‘s Carla Tooma were in the middle of all the action.

Elvis star Austin Butler told them that it’s great to come back to where it all went down.

“It feels amazing, I’m so happy to be back,” Butler said.

“It was the time of my life. It was unbelievable. It felt so good!”

Adam Dunn, who played the bass in Elvis’ band spoke to Galey and Christo, told them what it was like to work alongside Austin Butler.

“I worked very closely with Austin and Xavier Samuel, I consider those guys more than friends – they’re my brothers, for the rest of my life,” Dunn said.

“It’s one of those things where we were all learning together, we were all going through a process of figuring out how we were gong to make this the most real, visceral thing on screen.

“And we went through a lot of blood, sweat and tears to make that happen,” he said.

Chaydon Jay, who played a young Elvis in the film, was also there and says that despite not having a very musical background, it was simply a once in a lifetime opportunity.

“So amazing to be able to bring this person back to life and to be able to find his energy within my own bones,” Jay told Galey and Christo on the red carpet.

“Baz is so incredible, he’s so creative.

“His attention to detail on set, in creating sets and designs and incorporating music, it’s spectacular.

“He’s done an amazing job in this film and I can’t wait to see it,” Jay said.


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Emily Jade hosted all the red carpet action, lucky to be the only one to score an interview with the one and only Tom Hanks.

“He took the microphone and told everyone how much he loved working here, he loves bin chickens, and he loved walking on the beach, and where the sun set, and he could look out his window at Pacific Fair, and learnt all the jargon,” Emily Jade said.

“And he’s eluded to the fact that he perhaps will come back and film again!”

The 1029 Hot Tomato breakfast team sat down in a one-on-one with Australian Director Baz Luhrmann in the lead up to the Premiere, and he couldn’t stop singing the Gold Coast’s praises.

“We love being on the Goldie,” Mr Lurhmann told Galey, Emily Jade and Christo.

“I live around the world but I’ve got family here. And it’s great energy and great food.

“The place crackles with energy. Great food, great young music scene happening. Great arts happening.

“Between Annastacia and Mayor Tate – no matter your politics – the place is so pro-art and creativity and ‘get stuff done’.

“And that’s not everywhere in the world, you know.”


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The movie began filming here on the Gold Coast back in 2019 before being interrupted by Covid-19, and finally wrapped last year.

It was worth a whopping 900 jobs and millions of dollars to the local economy.


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