Redefine Your Home With New Trends From Carpet Court

This year, we’ve all been plunged into a world of mixed emotions, stress and turmoil. Not only that, but we’ve spent more time at home than ever before. As such, Australians are realising the importance of making their home their castle, a place where we can feel comfortable, at peace and happy.

If your home is wearing you down, it’s time to start planning a redesign and the team at Carpet Court have come up with some fantastic trends that are guaranteed to create a haven.

Relax With The Raw Luxe Look
The Raw Luxe look is designed to get you to slow down and disconnect. We spend so much time looking at computers and mobile phones these days that it doesn’t give our minds the chance to wind down. We’re constantly faced with bright colours, bombarded with busy imagery and bright lights – it’s hard to find a space where we can simply switch off, calm down, and take a moment to ourselves.

Getting back to nature is one of the best ways we can relax in this complex, hectic world – but heading out bushwalking or exploring local bushland isn’t something we can do every day. We can, however, bring the outdoors into our own home – by arranging our furnishings and designing our home in a style that helps us feel closer to the environment.

And that’s exactly what the Raw Luxe style is all about. With warm colours and raw texture, this combination takes you back to nature with matte surfaces and natural textures.

Based on the Japanese philosophy of Wabi-Sabi, the Raw Luxe style celebrates natural forms and imperfections, rather than keeping them hidden. With the Raw Luxe style, it’s these imperfect finishes that truly make this design unique and authentic, but don’t let it fool you. There’s no greater luxury or comfort, thanks to the natural materials providing you with a calm and nurturing finish.

Get The Look
When it comes to matching the Raw Luxe range throughout the home, think simple palette colours, pale floors, white walls, light tan or green, possible dull gold or brass if you want to add some sophisticated glamour. Wide floorboards, pale in colour, will give your home an open feel. The Precinct Oak at Carpet Court is the perfect choice for timber flooring, or the Hawksview in Beechwood is a textured, loop pile carpet guaranteed to provide maximum comfort in design.

A chunky Colombo rug in cream will bring definition to your living space, and you should stick to pale timber or woven rattan furniture, light window and door coverings, and flowing blinds to enhance the solace. The options are limitless.

Enhance this design with low hanging cloth lanterns, agate accent pieces, dull brassware in raw shapes and classic artwork that promotes relaxation – and your Raw Luxe design is complete thanks to Carpet Court.

Whether you want to create a vibrant space or a peaceful haven, Carpet Court makes it easy.