Reedy Creek Quarry fails to clear hurdle

CITY of Gold Coast rejected plans for a $2 billion Quarry in Reedy Creek on Friday.

Councillors unanimously turned down the application from Boral, a decision welcomed by the Gold Coast Stop the Quarry Group.

Boral released a statement which said that it was “disappointed”.


Earlier this week, the council’s city planning committee rejected Boral’s proposal and the full council will decide whether to accept that recommendation.

Council officers had recommended the development be approved with strict conditions but Councillors argued that did not make the project more acceptable.

Southern based Councillor Chris Robbins, who sits on the Planning Commitee, says she’s confident they’ll continue to block the application at the Council meeting today.

“We need eight votes to support that refusal and i’m confident that we would get those votes,” she said.

“Its’ good news for the people of that area.”

“Going forward the applicant can appeal and we would have to go to court to fight it but, at this point in time, I think Council’s refusal will stand,” she added.

Committee members have raised a number of concerns about the proposed quarry, including noise, dust and traffic.