Remainder of Black Swan Lake saved after 5 year battle

After a five year battle by Gold Coast locals, an incredible Council decision has been made to save the remainder of Black Swan Lake.

Only two years ago, Gold Coast Council had decided that Black Swan Lake, home to a variety of bird and animal species, would do better filled in as a car park for the Gold Coast Turf Club.

Though after two hours behind closed doors at a full Council meeting yesterday, it was decided that the last 20 percent of the lake would be saved.


Councillors were discussing the terms of a new lease for the Gold Coast Turf Club to continue using the Council owned land.

Councillor William Owen Jones proposed recommendations to the lease arrangement that would see the remaining 20 percent of the lake filled in by June 2021.

Though when Councillor Bob La Castra suggested that the lake would be able to remain, and that it wouldn’t effect the Turf Club’s plans to expand, he was ‘speechless’ when Councillor Owen Jones then supported it.

The recommendations were put to a full Council vote, in which only Mayor Tom Tate voted against it.

Councillor Peter Young, who’s been for the preservation of the lake for years, says he’s absolutely delighted with the decision.

“Way overdue, and ultimately way too little to be saved, but I think so important to fight for.

“I’ve always opposed filling the lake, and we have the opportunity now to retain a portion of it. A valuable portion.

“My sincere thanks to members of the community who never gave up. You are wonderful,” he posted to Facebook.