Renters can apply for $500pw help from Qld govt until Centrelink kicks in

Good news for renters across Queensland, with the state government providing emergency rental assistance to those struggling due to the virus.

It’s set to be a temporary relief until Centrelink assistance start flowing next month.

State Treasurer Jackie Trad did a live Q&A on Facebook last night, saying they will help those who are waiting for federal help, particularly to cover their rent.


It’s understood the emergency rental assistance could be as much as $500 per week, for a period of four weeks.

Ms Trad says the state government can help.

“Where you’ve lost your job, you’re not going to get any income support from Centrelink until at least the 27th of April, so that’s still four weeks away, you can’t make rent.

“The Queensland government has an assistance program where we will provide you with $500 a week to help you with your rent payment,” Ms Trad said on the Facebook video.

Those hoping to get the help are being urged to contact the Residential Tenancies Authority.

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Hello just wondering what I need to do to apply for the $500 a week rent assistance

Call the RTA as per their advice.

What changes will happen to people on a disability pension

None hopefully. If you’re renting you’re already receiving rental assistance and a general pension. Your income isn’t changing so why use this situation to seek changes to your rental agreement?

Why do you assume people on dsp earn nothing and can not be affected financially by the virus?

Because their pension doesn’t change. In fact they are being granted an extra $1500 to spend. So they are much better off than working Australians who pay their pension.

Apart from the $750 initial assistance provided to pensioners, is there going to be any further assistance for them, specifically for those on reduced pension payments

Why should there be any extra rental assistance for pensioners already on benefits. Your income isn’t reducing so why do you need help paying the rent you were paying previously?

Again a huge assumption that pensioners have no income!!

You said “pensioners”. So a pensioner is presumably earning a Govt tax free payment. Are you saying that Age/Disability pensioners are not being given a payment. Stop putting your hand out and be part of the solution. Disability pensioners and newstart allowance pensioners are now receiving almost $1100 per fortnight. Not bad hey.

How about people who are self-employed and suffered greatly from the bloody virus?