Report: Corruption scandal puts Cricket on the back foot

International cricket has been rocked by reports of match-fixing, sparking an international investigation.

Newscorp revealed two bookmakers offered to sell details of rigged periods of play to undercover journalists in the UK.

They were offering to sell “spot fix” markets such as the number of runs scored in an over during the Third Ashes Test and The Big Bash.


The bookies were asking for $245,000 for each fix and confirmed they could provide “absolutely correct information”.

The fixers said corrupt players would signal the fix is on by making gestures on the field, such as changing their gloves.

Spotters, based in the crowds, would then tell the bookies who and what to bet on.

The bookies then reeled off a number of players who “work as puppets”.

They claimed to be working with a fixer in Australian cricket, known as The Silent Man. 

Cricket Australia says they’ll co-operate with any ICC investigation.

No English players were named as being involved.