REPORT: Lehmann to resign as Aussie cricket coach

Under-fire Australian cricket coach Darren Lehmann is reportedly set to resign as the fallout from the ball-tampering scandal continues.

According to The Telegraph in London, Lehmann is expected to quit in the next 24 hours, prompting Cricket Australia CEO James Sutherland to fly over to South Africa immediately.

Sutherland is expected to arrive in Johannesburg at approximately 5am on Tuesday (1pm AEST).


Cricket Australia is refusing to confirm any of the reports.

Cricket Australia has already started to interview members of the team, including under-siege leaders Steve Smith and David Warner.

There is speculation the pair could face bans of up to 12 months.

CA chairman David Peever says an announcement regarding the findings of the inquiry will be made on Wednesday morning.

“The Cricket Australia Board has been fully updated on the issue and supports James travelling to South Africa to manage the response to the investigation currently underway,” Peever said in a statement.

“We understand that everyone wants answers, but we must follow our due diligence before any further decisions are made.”

Reports have also emerged that some members of the Australian team may seek support from Unions in a bid to clear their name.

News Corp claims both Josh Hazelwood and Mitchell Starc, who are in the leadership group, are furious they have been linked to the scandal after Steve Smith declared the leadership team was behind the decision.

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One of the comments I heard them say during a press conference on the radio (Hot Tomato of course!) was something to the effect of “other teams have done similar things in the past”?

Really? You’re going to use that to try and defend your actions?

These guys are elite athletes and they are role models for many, many people around the world (especially in Australia, obviously)… If they don’t know that cheating is wrong or they think it’s acceptable because other teams have cheated in the past, then they don’t deserve to be in the position they are, no matter how good they are at cricket.

This wasn’t an accident, this was blatant cheating and they knew that they were cheating because they tried to cover it up as soon as they suspected the umpires were on to them – most people wouldn’t do that if they didn’t already know that what they were doing was wrong.

The Australian Cricket Team needs players who are not only good ambassadors to Australia, but players who lead by example and are good role models for others, children in particular.

Fire/sack Cameron Bancroft, Steve Smith, David Warner and anyone else shown in an investigation to have knowledge of this beforehand – including those in the leadership team.

These guys can be forgiven – there’s plenty of good people who have cheated over the years that have learnt from their mistakes the hard way and gone on to do good things… But for the foreseeable future, there’s no place for them on the Australian Cricket Team.

All too often elite athletes – who are usually looked up to by children – are given a “slap on the wrist” when they do something wrong… Whether it’s drugs, violence or cheating, it’s time we started holding elite athletes accountable for their actions.