REPORT REVEALS | Average Aussie man spends half his waking life at work

Turns out over 70’s are happiest at work, a new survey’s found.

94 per cent quizzed say they enjoy going to work each day.

In 2017, around 12 million Australians will work an estimated total of 20 billion hours in paid employment.


An average Aussie man can expect to spend half of their waking lives at a paying job and an average Aussie woman about 38 per cent.

Curtin University teamed up with Making Work Absolutely Human or MWAH to create the report Happy workers: How satisfied are Australians at work?

Less than half of the Queenslanders surveyed say they’re satisfied with job security – 42 per cent.

36 per cent of Queenslanders also say they have good job flexibility.

29 per cent of Aussies quizzed say they are not thrilled about their pay and work hours.

Not surprisingly those who are self-employed or who are working in a micro-business are more satisfied than those in large organisations – 33 per cent verse 27 per cent.