Objects in sea not from doomed AirAsia flight

UPDATE: EARLIER reports suggesting possible wreckage of the Air Asia passenger plane feared crashed in the Java Sea had been found have since been dismissed. 

The Indonesian Vice President Jusuf Kalla told reporters no sufficient evidence had been found to confirm the reports. 

Indonesian officials earlier reported an Australian Orion aircraft had detected ‘suspicious objects’ about 1120 kilometres from where the Airbus A320-200 lost contact.


The BBC also reported an oil slick was detected in the area.

EARLIER: THERE are reports tonight that floating objects and an oil spill have been found in the area where doomed Air Asia flight QZ8501 vanished over Indonesia yesterday. 

Early reports suggest an Australian Orion search aircraft has detected ‘suspicious objects’ in the ocean around 1,120km from where the passenger plane lost contact with Air Traffic Control on Sunday morning.

The BBC reports oil spills have also been found in the search zone. 

Search teams are now steaming toward the area for a closer look to confirm whether or not the items are part of the missing jet.

The Airbus A320-200 was 42 minutes into its two hour and 13 minute flight from Indonesia to Singapore when it lost contact with Air Traffic Control in Jakarta at 7.24am local time on 28 December.

The aircraft – carrying 155 passengers and seven crew form Indonesia, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, France and the United Kingdom – was flying at 32,000ft when it requested to climb to 38,000ft due to bad weather before communication was lost.

Officials said on Monday they believed the aircraft was most likely at the bottom of the Java Sea.