Report: Hayne to leave Titans after pocketing $180,000 in “holiday pay”

Jarryd Hayne’s dramas on the Gold Coast continue with reports saying the playmaker is preparing to pocket $180,000 before he turns his back on the Titans.

The Daily Telegraph reports Hayne is all but guaranteed to play for Parramatta again in 2018, but he’ll wait until early next year before telling the Gold Coast.

Rumours of Hayne ditching the Titans have plagued the former NFL player since the day he signed with the Gold Coast, where he lamented the fact he wasn’t playing for Parramatta.


Earlier this month more reports surfaced suggesting the NSW Origin representative wanted to move to Sydney to be closer to his young family.

Hayne and the Titans denied those allegations.

Under the NRL’s current system, Hayne will be paid $180,000 for November and December for “holiday pay” while he is contracted to the Titans.

Reports say he’s expected to backflip on his contract in January before moving to the Eels on a much smaller deal.