Reports LNP leader Deb Frecklington referred to election watchdog

Opposition leader Deb Frecklington has reportedly been referred to the election watchdog.

It’s understood the LNP leader has been referred to the state watchdog by her own party, over allegations she may have breached Queensland electoral laws surrounding political donations.

According to the ABC, Ms Frecklington attended a number of dinner parties and events with property developers.


Several of those who attended the events then allegedly made donations to the LNP totalling almost $150,000

A spokesperson for the opposition leader told the ABC the party did not breach any laws.

“Anyone who donates to the party must complete a declaration that they are not a prohibited donor,” the spokesman said.

“There is transparency about who has donated and who hasn’t donated.”

In a statement this morning, the LNP denied it had referred Ms Frecklington to the Electoral Commission.

Instead, they confirmed that the party regularly communicates with the Electoral Commission of Queensland to ensure they comply with the Act.

It comes just weeks before Queenslanders head to the polls for the State Election on October 31.

Ms Frecklington is expected to hit the campaign trail in Queensland again today, with Prime Minister Scott Morrison by her side.

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3rd world problem!
Look at all the corruption over the last 6 years with labor.
Where are we now!
State is Broke.
Highest level of unemployment in the country.
Highest youth crime in the country.
Closed borders for real people.
Corrupt health management letting only the rich and famous into QLD.
No pre election budget.
WHO is Corrupt??

And look at the prior years, prior to Labor’s power….

State was still broke.
Still highest unemployment.
Drugs and youth issues thanks to no infrastructure for them and crime was still just as prevalent.
Open Borders for BIKIE GANGS.
Health has always been a major issue of QLD in general, no matter whom is in charge.
Corrupt money handling by the LNP.

WHO is Corrupt you ask?

THEY ALL ARE! …… so better the devil you know 😉

It was a story the ABC fabricated in support of their Labor partners. The LNP never referred her.

Watch the ABC and listen to it’s talk back radio …. they have ZERO to Minimal “support” for Labor. In fact nearly every show talks about the LNP and there crazy antics.

Besides all of that , where is your evidence of this? point to a link, point to anything at all that backs your misguided words!

How come we can comment on this but not on any reports of the ICAC scandal? I thought MYGC was unbiased? Clearly not.

Unfortunately Kate, this place is as bias as it can be allowed to be. Which is a major shame, considering this is one of the only free places left to get local news and info for the Goldie.

Must be nice to still have full work in Covid times though 😛

sadly the ABC is pro labour/left so its no surprise to learn this story is fake news.Labour has trashed Queensland over its term and needs to be swept away and the state working again, producing food, with the aid of new dams, and cheap energy with the aid of new mining