VIDEO: Gunshots fired in Paris during anti-terror raids

UPDATE : Two suspected jihadists have been killed, including a woman who blew herself up, in a shootout in north Paris with police hunting the mastermind of last week’s attacks on the French capital.

Heavily-armed police swapped gunfire with people holed up in an apartment in the suburb of Saint-Denis, police sources said.

Two people in the apartment were killed, including a woman who
blew herself up, and a third was still inside, and at least three
police were injured, they said.
EARLIER : It’s believed the shots were fired during raids in Saint-Denis.


The Saint-Denis police station has advised residents to stay at home.

Local media are reporting that the suspects have been holed up inside an apartment.

One police officer has also reportedly been injured in the raids, which come just five days after the city was targeted by terrorists, who shot dead 129 people and injured hundreds more.