Reports unions will control hospitals – denied by Health Minister

The Queensland Government has denied Opposition claims that doctors will be replaced with union bosses on Hospital Boards.

Shadow Health Minister Mark McArdle raised the alarm, saying he has been touring hospitals over the last few weeks and said many people had raised concerns about Labor’s intention to sideline the health boards.

“Hospital and health boards must be independent to ensure decisions are in the best interests of Queensland patients,” Mr McArdle said.


“The Boards are comprised of local people with local knowledge.

“Under the LNP, we introduced a policy dictating all boards must have one doctor and one nurse.

“Feedback from health staff reveal Labor plans to use unions as its main ‘governing’ body with the boards no longer being independent and merely a partner.

“This revelation will cause outrage in Queensland communities and is nothing more than a blatant political move threatening the integrity and independence of the boards.

“It also demonstrates how far-reaching the unfettered power union bosses have over Labor Ministers.”

A spokesperson for the Health Minister has responded saying unions will not control hospitals.  The Health and Hospital Boards were set up under a Labor Government so they are not going to sideline them.

He said the current boards expire next year, so there could be some changes made then.  The spokesperson also said that union members would be welcome to apply at that time.