Rescue chopper spots missing hikers crowded around campfire in NSW

A CAMPFIRE has led emergency services to a group of missing bushwalkers on the NSW Central Coast.

The man and two women, aged from 65 to 72, set out on a walk through the Dhurang National Park Mangrove Mountain on Thursday morning.

But when they failed to arrive home when they said they would, concerned family members called the police.


A search and rescue operation commenced and shortly after 9pm the police helicopter spotted a small fire burning in bushland within the search zone.

The missing hikers were found sitting around the fire just after 11.30pm.

They were all checked over by paramedics before being reunited with their families.

Police have taken the time to remind bushwalkers to be prepared before setting out on their journey.

  • Wear appropriate clothing.
  • Take adequate food and water.
  • Take appropriate supplies to be able to attract attention of rescuers.
  • Take appropriate safety equipment such as torches and tape to guide your way.