Whale still caught in nets off Gold Coast after marathon rescue mission

UPDATE: A mammoth operation to try and rescue a whale caught in shark nets off the Gold Coast is set to resume tomorrow with a mission unable to completely untangle the mammal.

Crews from Sea World and the Department of Fisheries have been on the scene for about 12 hours attempting to free the humpback.

The whale was first spotted off Snapper Rocks before 7am this morning it got caught in nets at Coolangatta.


It’s spent the day moving back and forth between Coolangatta and Fingal Head with crews saying the whale is suffering exhaustion.

It was most recently seen near Cook Island with nets still tangled around its tail.

The rescue effort has been hampered by the whale’s thrashing as well as other humpbacks hovering around the scene.

Crews are attempting to fit a tracker to the whale before dark and will try again at first light.


EARLIER: Rescue crews have been called to the southern Gold Coast this morning after a whale became trapped in nets off Snapper Rocks.

It’s understood surfers spotted the whale tangled in the nets at Coolangatta just before 7.00am and called for help.

It’s unknown at this stage how long the whale has been trapped for, or its condition.

The Sea World rescue team has rushed to the scene.

It’s the first entrapment of the whale migration season, which usually runs between June and October.

The incident is no doubt likely to reignite debate over whether shark nets should remain on the Coast.

More to come.