WATCH: Rescue crews free whales caught in shark nets on Gold Coast

UPDATE @ 7.55am: Rescue crews have successfully freed a Humpback Whale and her calf caught in shark nets on the Gold Coast this morning.

The pair became entangled in the control net about 200m off Miami Beach around 6.30am.

Sea World Rescue crews, with the help of the Queensland Boating and Fisheries Department, desperately worked to save the mammals, which were set free shortly after 7.30am.


Sea World Director of Marine Sciences, Trevor Long said the rescue was complicated.

“This was a delicate rescue operation with both animals heavily entangled with the mother holding the calf up so it could breathe,” Mr Long said.

“Thankfully both animals were released successfully.”


EARLIER @ 6.50am: A desperate rescue operation is underway on the Gold Coast this morning to help save two whales stuck in shark nets at Miami.

The mum and her calf are believed to have become trapped about 200m off Miami Beach.

Sea World Rescue crews are on scene working to free the mammals.

There are no further details available at this time.