Whale freed after becoming trapped in fishing gear off Gold Coast

UPDATE: Crews have managed to free a whale that became trapped in fishing equipment off the Gold Coast this morning.

The whale was spotted dragging what appeared to be netting in waters off Coolangatta around 11am, sparking a rescue operation.

A team from Seaworld managed to cut the whale free from the net a short time later.


They’re currently monitoring the mammal, which they say appears to be very tired after its ordeal.

The Department of Fisheries confirmed the incident in a statement to myGC a short time ago.

“We are aware of Sea World responding to a whale off Coolangatta now,” the statement said.

“We have had reports of whales trailing fishing gear heading north”.

It comes as the whale migration season ramps up.

EARLIER: Seaworld crews are desperately working to rescue a whale that’s become trapped in nets off the Gold Coast.

It’s not clear when the whale was first spotted, but at least one crew is out in the water at the moment attempting to free it.

Footage shows the Seaworld rescue boat gently following the whale, which appears to be heavily tangled.

More to come.