Rescuer speaks after plucking truck driver from Coomera River

THE man who plucked a truck driver out of the Coomera River on Tuesday morning has spoken about what happened.

Sam Manning noticed there had been an accident at the bridge in Oxenford around 6:00am and reacted.

He said “I was just driving to work and sort of saw everyone pulling up on the highway and noticed that someone had gone off the bridge and I knew the boat ramp was there so I sort of went around to see if anything was in the river coz I could tell someone had gone over and I saw the guy out there and swam out and grabbed him”.


Sam said the driver “got out and popped up on top and I just swam over, he was sitting on the bottom of the crane, and I sort of asked him what injuries he had and he was a bit dazed and he could sort of tell me his name and that and that his ribs were pretty sore so I just rolled him over on his back and swum back in with him”.

Sam said he did not ask the man what happened before he went off the bridge, he was more worried about getting him out of the water.

Once he got the injured driver to the bank he said his ribs were really sore “he might have broken his thumb as well but we sort of sat him there for a bit and let him gain his composure a bit, then we sort of started to lift him out and by then the ambulances just started to arrive and they took over”.

Sam joked that he felt pretty “cool” after pulling off the rescue, before adding “you see someone in the river like that you just swim out and grab them”.

The victim’s been taken to the University Hospital with possible rib and chest injuries.

There is oil leaking from the truck – a crew from the Gold Coast Waterways Authority is there.

Oil pouring from the crane into the Coomera River. PHOTO: @Pennycopter / Twitter

Oil pouring from the crane into the Coomera River. PHOTO: @Pennycopter / Twitter

The Authority is the first response for oil spills in Gold Coast waters.

CEO Hal Morris said “they’re very well trained to do this in fact the leader of this time leads part of the international team as well when we’re called on for significant spills outside of these waterways we obviously share resources.

He said they will coordinate the clean-up, after initially getting stuck in traffic.

Mr Morris added his team is working with the Water Police who arrived earlier as they obviously did not have to worry about the congestion on the roads.