Residents fume at makeshift camp in Gold Coast street

Residents in a Broadbeach street say they are fed up after a man set up camp in their street, dumping his possessions outside their homes. 

The man, understood to be homeless, has had his unregistered van parked in Brittania Ave for over a month, angering locals who claim their complaints have fallen on deaf ears. 

Bicycles, a barbecue and even a fridge have ended up in front of residents’ homes, with the man padlocking his possessions to power poles and trees in the street. 


At one stage there were at least seven bikes chained to the pole.  

Under Queensland law it is an offence to leave a vehicle parked on the roadway or a footpath once the vehicle registration has expired. 

The street also has a three-hour parking limit but so far the man has managed to avoid any parking inspectors.

Image | Supplied

One resident, who didn’t want to be named, says it’s gone too far.  

“He’s taking the p**s now. He’s just dumped his stuff out the front of our place and made himself at home. It’s beyond a joke.” the resident told myGC.

The man has told residents that he’s doing nothing wrong and has no plans to move. 

He says he’s fallen on hard times after being evicted from a nearby home. 

It’s understood he is very well known to Police but has refused offers of assistance. 

The man has been collecting possessions for his makeshift camp including a fridge | Image : Supplied

Some of the man’s possessions were recently set alight forcing residents to grab garden hoses to put the blaze out. 

That fire happened the night before a disused toilet block at the Broadbeach Soccer Club, a known homeless haunt, was also set alight, sparking fears of a turf war in the suburb. 

“I’m worried about what might happen next. Someone might torch his van then we’ll have a big fire in the street,” the resident said. 

The man’s possessions were recently set alight. | Image : Supplied

Residents also say they are regularly woken in the early hours of the morning by the man rummaging through his van. 

It’s not clear whether the man is actually sleeping in his van.

Neighbours say they have complained to Police and Council but nothing has been done. 

Police have reportedly told them it is a Council issue at this stage. 

A Council spokesperson has confirmed a complaint was received about a man illegally camping on a road in Broadbeach and officers investigated the matter. 

“Officers provided advice and guidance on Council’s local laws to the gentleman concerned.

“The City continues to work with specialist homelessness services to connect residents with support wherever possible.”

Council says no further complaints have been received since.

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Surely the police don’t need complaints before they act. This must be breaking bylaws so why is he still there??
Why are police so slow to enforce the law.??? This is not something to encourage.

Proverbs 19:17 (NIV)
“Whoever is kind to the poor lends to the LORD, and he will reward them for what they have done.”

This is the real world, not a fairytale.

Southport has the same thing
Homeless occupies a disused clinic and be offensive to others
Police said they can do nothing
How come

Because they have no money. What would be the point of police doing anything, they can’t recoup their costs by locking up homeless people, meanwhile they will happily charge you for “using your phone” to pay at a Maccas drive-thru.
Different rules for different classes of society.

The government decides on what laws are passed. It has absolutely nothing to do with police. Police are doing their jobs. They cannot invent a part of their job description.

But for the Grace of God there go I. Obviously people are in such situations because of a selfish society. I have noticed many people in the Gold Coast have built their lives and homes on nasty selfish ways so perhaps they ought to consider offering this person some help rather that accusation, in order to improve their favour with God.