Residents stranded on Springbrook mountain after Ex-Cyclone Debbie

AROUND 600 residents remain trapped, stranded on Springbrook mountain, days after Ex-Tropical Cyclone Debbie ripped through southeast Queensland.

Debbie dumped an astonishing 890mm of rain on the area in less than 30 hours. The unprecedented deluge washed away roads and triggered multiple landslides, cutting all access to the mountain.

Every road in and out of Springbrook remained closed on Saturday evening and power was yet to be restored to the mountain.


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More than 450 homes and businesses remained without power in the hinterland community on Saturday evening.

The town is relying on four generators to power essential services but fuel, food, and fresh water is beginning to run out.

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The State Emergency Service rushed medical supplies to the mountain this afternoon after crews built an emergency access route.

Unfortunately, though, the emergency route is still considered too dangerous for locals to use.

It’s understood it could be a week before access and power is fully restored to the region.

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