Residents urged to clear yards of fire hazards, report overgrown properties

GOLD Coasters are being urged to clean up their yards and report overgrown properties ahead of bushfire season to help minimise risk when a bushfire strikes.

Rural Fire Service Queensland (RFSQ) South Eastern Region Area Director Corey Bock said whether you live in the city, the urban fringe or in regional or rural Queensland, survival during a bushfire was highly dependent on how well prepared you are before the event.

Residents have been told to clear space around their homes, fill gaps in their eaves, around windows and door frames, and to protect any large under-deck areas with non-flammable screens and ensure fire hazards are removed from around the house.


Garden’s should also have their undergrowth removed and bark, leaves and twigs raked up.

“These simple actions can make a difference to whether your property survives a bushfire safely, or sustains significant damage. If we all do a little, we’ll accomplish a lot,” Mr Bock said.

Mr Bock said land owners should also ensure their properties have clear access for fire trucks and that it was important that residents report overgrown properties to the authorities.

“Overgrown properties aren’t just unsightly, they are also a potential fire hazard,” he said.

“Overrun plants, trees, weeds and grass can significantly hamper the efforts of firefighters when they are working to extinguish a bushfire.

“Overgrown properties can also affect how quickly a fire spreads to neighbouring buildings.”

Over the coming months, City of Gold Coast will be working closely with Queensland Fire and Emergency Services (QFES) to conduct planned burns in preparation for the up coming fire season.

For further information on how to develop a Bushfire Survival Plan, prepare for bushfire season, learn what to do when a bushfire approaches and download a bushfire survival guide visit