Gold Coast blackout enters sixth hour

UPDATE at 8:40 AM | CLOSE to 900 homes and businesses remain without power in Palm Beach.

Energex has confirmed a power pole came down about 2.30am, cutting power to 1283 buildings on 31 streets.

In the last 30 minutes, crews have managed to restore power to nearly 500 customers, with 860 still waiting to be reconnected to the grid at the time of writing.


While Energex says it hopes restore power to the majority of customers soon, it warns some are likely to remain blacked out until at least midday.

FIRST at 7:30 AM | ENERGEX crews are scrambling to restore power to nearly 1300 buildings on the southern Gold Coast.

It’s not yet known exactly what sparked the blackout, which is affecting 31 local streets, or when the power will be switched back on.

It’s understood power has been disconnected for more than four hours now.

Energex says crews are out in the field, carrying out “emergency repairs”.

It follows reports of a structure fire at a commercial premises on Jefferson Lane about 3.30am.

Crews attended the commercial property but were reportedly unable to find any signs of fire.

It was not immediately known whether the outage was related to the fire.

The next scheduled update was due at 12pm.

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