Residents worried about planned Reedy Creek Quarry

THE City of Gold Coast will vote next month on Boral’s proposed Reedy Creek Quarry.

Burleigh MP Michael Hart knows some residents are worried about exactly what would happen with the site once it reached its estimated expiry in 2060.

He understands many residents are worried it will become a rubbish dump, but he made it clear he would not let that happen.


Stop the Quarry Group’s Rob Balanda said Mr Hart does not have the power to do anything about that “the bottom line is Boral owns the site, when its life as a quarry comes to an end they decide what happens to it not the State local Member, a backbencher in the LNP”.

Regardless Mr Hart has put out a draft plan as to what he would like to see happen with the old quarry once its useful life comes to an end.  He said some locals have suggested it be turned into a water park, industrial area or a market place.

Mr Hart said his focus would be on how it is implemented if it does proceed.  He said there is already a plan in place for Bermuda Street to be extended out to Old Coach Road.

He did however admit that that had nothing to do with the planned quarry and had been in the pipeline for 20 or 30 years but would be delivered in the next two or three years.  So “if the quarry is approved those trucks should come straight out and straight onto the freeway and disappear”.

But Mr Balanda said the other concern is that the quarry proposed for Reedy Creek would be the biggest in Australia and the second largest in the world behind Illinois.  He said the American quarry was turned into an open sewage reservoir once its life expired.

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