‘Respect our water’: Mayor Tate to target tourists over water usage

Mayor Tom Tate’s planning to get the message out to tourists, to take care with water usage during their stay on the Gold Coast.

It comes amid revelations that Gold Coasters used the most amount of water in the southeast, at approximately 182 litres per person per day.

That’s up on the 169 litre average for the region.


The Tugun Desalination Plant has now been kicked into full gear, and is producing 15 percent of the region’s water supply.

This is to assist struggling dam levels, which last week fell below 60 percent, though once we dip below 50 percent, mandatory restrictions will come into place.

While locals are certainly being told to try and tone it down – before we’re forced into mandatory restrictions, Mayor Tom Tate says there are other ways the Gold Coast can address this problem.

“I’ll be talking about how we can change our habits, for instance washing your car – do you really need to wash your car every second week? Leave it for the third week.

“They’re the sort of things that make a big difference, but really doesn’t change your lifestyle that much.

“The next bit will be that ill be writing to all the hotels and resorts, because we’ve got 13 million tourist visitors a year, that a huge impact on our water usage and the resort and hotel operators have to hold the responsibility to get the message out to our tourists, to respect our water.

“Because they don’t live here, they’re going to come here – average stay about three nights – they’re on holidays so let’s have that long shower and the like.

“But the thing is, we’ve got to get our message out to go ‘no it’s not right that you do that’, without saying so – they’ll just continue on.

“So I want signage in the lifts, the lobbies and the rooms so that people can respect our water,” Mayor Tom Tate said.