Gold Coasters band together to help respected local business after harmful online attack

UPDATE @ September 29, 7.15am: THE Gold Coast community has banded together to help out a respected local business whose online reputation was tarnished from a harmful attack by online trolls.

Action Tyres & More in Southport, which prides itself on its service, received a total of 46 one-star reviews on their Facebook page in the space of just five minutes on Tuesday.

The heartless attack, believed to have been generated by an automated BOT system, slashed the 15-year-old businesses faultless five-star rating in half to just 2.6 stars.


myGC alerted the community to the vicious attack overnight, and with the help of caring locals, managed to raise the businesses rating from a low 2.6 stars to a high 4.7!

“Well done everyone for giving 5* reviews to this local business. We’re slowly bumping their star rating back up. This business has always been good so I hope we can help them out as a community to counter the trolls!” one person commented.

“I’m a small business owner just around the corner from Action Tyres and have recently used them for tyres for mine and my daughters car and can highly recommend them. Competitive price and great service!” commented another.

Former Porsche Carrera Cup racer and owner of Action Tyres & More, Matt Kingsley, took to the businesses Facebook page overnight to thank everyone for their support.

“Thank you to everyone who has rang or messaged us with their support. Hopefully no other business has to go through this,” he wrote.

“We are working with Facebook to have it resolved. We want to leave our reviews up because we have great reviews from the past 5 years and know the 1 stars are fake and that Facebook will be able to solve it.

“Thanks again for your support.”

EARLIER @ September 28, 6.45pm: A GOLD Coast business owner is fighting to save his company’s reputation from being sabotaged after his local tyre business of more than a decade was flooded with a barrage of damaging one-star reviews online.

Former Porsche Carrera Cup racer Matt Kingsley has operated Action Tyres & More in Southport for 15 years.

But on Tuesday, his local business which prides itself on its service fell victim to a harmful attack by online trolls.

A total of 46 bad one-star reviews were submitted to the business’ Facebook page in the space of just five minutes.

The attack sabotaged the business’ online reputation, slashing its faultless five-star rating in half to just 2.6 stars.

The reviews appeared within seconds of each other, the first popping up at 9.06pm and the last made at 9.11pm.

The accounts from which they were submitted also appear to be fake and are based in locations overseas.

Speaking to myGC, Matt said he believes the reviews were generated by an automated BOT system.

“It puts a bit of a dampener on your day,” Matt said. “It’s a real kick in your guts to be honest.”

“We want to let other small businesses know that this can happen to them, it can happen to anyone.

“My digital marketing manager and I have each reached out to Facebook to try and have the fake reviews removed.

“I’m really worried about our reputation, one hundred percent. We can’t advertise on Facebook with a rating like that.”

Over the past 15 years, Matt’s business has received nothing but praise online for its service.

“Thank you so much Action Tyres for your prompt reliable service. I will definitely be recommending you to our friends,” one happy customer said in a review in July.

“Fair dinkum people,” wrote another in March. “Went in expecting a fair bit of work needed to be done, turned out to be a simple fix. I could have got stitched up but saved heaps of $$$. Can’t thank this crew enough.”

And then there was this from another customer in 2015: “Thank you for being honest with me Action Tyres … I will definitely bring my latest car to Action Tyres for servicing and repairs from now on.”

Matt’s marketing manager Michael Goode from Hybrid Digital Marketing said he was struggling to understand why the longstanding respected Southport business was targeted.

“It is difficult to understand why they would be targeted,” Mr Goode said.

 “We are unsure if they were targeted directly or is this happening to other Gold Coast Businesses.

“My company covers companies Australia wide and I’ve never seen an attack as bad as this on a small business.

“Our Digital Team are working with Facebook to try and have them removed. We want to make sure this doesn’t happen to any other business.”