Return of masks “definitely” not on the cards: Palaszczuk

The premier has “definitely” ruled out a return to mask mandates despite rising COVID cases in Queensland.

The state is currently in the grip of its third COVID wave which is still yet to peak.

Officially, there are 32,840 active cases reported in the state but the actual number is much higher.


There are currently 522 people in hospital but Annastacia Palaszczuk has warned that is about to rise.

“I’ve just been advised by the Health Minister that by tomorrow that’s going up to 613. So I do want to say to Queenslanders that COVID is out there, there’s a lot of people at the moment who do have it,” The Premier said.

“Make sure that you are monitoring your symptoms. If you have not had COVID, please take care. But also, too, as a general rule for everybody, if you are sick, stay at home. Some people at the moment don’t know if they’ve got the flu or if they’ve got COVID. Please, err on the side of caution.”

The Premier says there is no suggestion that we will see some COVID rules being brought back, including widespread mask-wearing.

“Definitely ruled out. We’re not doing a mask mandate but there are discussions happening about urging people in certain situations to wear masks.

“But there are still ongoing discussions about that. So if anything changes, we’ll let the public know. But we are in winter and of course, it does spread more rapidly in winter.”

COVID and the flu continue to put a strain on the health workforce with around 1600 staff currently out of action.