Return traveller tests positive out of hotel quarantine, NSW

There’s been another coronavirus scare in New South Wales this morning, with a return overseas traveller testing positive after finishing hotel quarantine.

The person had returned negative tests during the mandatory two week quarantine period, before then testing positive on day 16.

It’s part of a newly introduced ’16 day follow up screening’. A public health alert is now in place for areas in Wollongong and South Sydney.


In a statement, NSW Health says the infection was likely acquired overseas.

“Test results indicate that the person has a low level of infection and their household contacts have returned negative results to date.

“Investigations to date suggest the infection was likely acquired overseas and there is no indication at this stage that there was transmission in the hotel quarantine setting.

“Close contacts of the case not associated with venues have been identified and are already in self isolation.

“The person visited a number of venues in Wollongong and surrounding areas, as well as a cafe in Brighton Le Sands in south eastern Sydney, before they were notified of the positive result from their day 16 test,” the statement reads.

For a full list of up-to-date locations, click here.

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It does not take a scientist or head of health to figure out that 14 days quarantine is not sufficient to ensure a person does not test positive. This is not the first time this has happened, both here and in other countries. They need to increase the quarantine period otherwise communities will continue to be shut down when infected travelers mingle amongst the general population.