REVEALED: Australia’s ‘shonkiest’ products of 2017 named and shamed

Australia’s shonkiest products of 2017 have been revealed in the 12th annual CHOICE Shonky Awards.

Eight products and services were named and shamed this year for various reasons ranging from dodgy ticket sales to misleading kids about vitamin lollies.

Consumer group Choice say they hold the shonky awards every year to oust the shonkiest products and companies taking advantage of Australian consumers.


“Whether it’s for targeting the unborn with a poor value savings account, financially exploiting those in pain or chipping away at kids’ teeth with dodgy vitamin products, this year’s winners deserve their awards,” CHOICE CEO Alan Kirkland said.

“Unfortunately each year the Awards go from strength to strength as companies continue to serve up poor value, hidden charges and questionable claims. Sadly, it looks like we’ll be back again in 2018.

“For those eight companies that sank to the bottom in this year’s awards, they now have an opportunity to follow the lead of previous recipients such as Ikea and Qantas and clean up their act.”

Below are a list of the eight products/services dubbed the worst of 2017:

Viagogo – For dodgy practices that tick off consumers

PHOTO: Supplied | Choice

Westpac Bump Savings – For targeting unborn babies with a bad deal

PHOTO: Supplied | CHOICE

Samsung washer and dryer – For a $3000 waste of time and water

PHOTO: Supplied | CHOICE

Pain Erazor – For dubious pain-relief claims

PHOTO: Supplied | CHOICE

Vitamin Gummies (Pharmacare) – For claiming vitamin lollies are good for kids’ teeth

PHOTO: Supplied | CHOICE

Coles Complete Cuisine cat food – For poorly labelled treats that could harm your cat

PHOTO: Supplied | CHOICE

Cuddly Sensitive Hypoallergenic fabric softener – For performing worse than water while costing 3000 times more

PHOTO: Supplied | CHOICE

Honda, Toyota, Lexus, BMW and Mazda – For repeatedly failing to disclose a safety device that can actually kill you

PHOTO: Supplied | CHOICE