REVEALED: Beards considered inappropriate for the workplace

SORRY hipsters, but if you want to excel in the workforce you may want to consider shaving off your beard.

The trendy beards have made an appearance in the list of 20 items or looks considered inappropriate for the workplace according to a survey by workplace uniform provider Simon Jersey.

Beards were voted among the most unsuitable items of work attire along with quirky ties and thongs.


The study found that many people also consider anything which bares too much skin to be out of place in the office, including low cut, strapless or backless tops and short skirts.

Other no-no’s included excessive makeup, beanie hats and ripped jeans.

Top 20 things unsuitable for the workplace:

1. Crop tops

2. Tops which show cleavage

3. Mini-skirts

4. Baseball caps

5. Flip flops

6. Beanie hats

7. Visible underwear

8. T-shirts or tops with large logos or images

9. Backless tops

10. Ripped jeans

11. Strapless tops

12. Shorts

13. Anything which shows too much skin

14. High heels

15. Unkempt, long or full beards

16. Visible body piercings

17. Tattoos on show

18. Excessive make-up

19. Trainers

20. Novelty ties