REVEALED: Brand new Qld border pass now in effect

A new-look border declaration pass has been unveiled by police, with hopes it will help ease delays at Queensland border checkpoints.

The new passes, which are available to download online now, feature a number of varying features to the old passes including a massive expiry date.

Chief Superintendent Mark Wheeler said the new passes won’t make a huge difference to motorists, but will be extremely beneficial for officers manning the checkpoints.


“At midday today, the appearance of the border declaration pass changed,” Chief Superintendent Wheeler said.

“That won’t mean too much for people who go online to get that pass, but what that will mean is a real difference to the staff working down at the vehicle checkpoints and the ability to get motorists through a lot quicker.”

He said the key difference to the pass is that the “expiry date has been made a lot larger” and is now “a lot more prominent so our staff can read that and establish that the pass is valid.”


The change comes following a week of massive delays at the border, with police ramping up patrols on vehicles to ensure the occupants haven’t been in a declared hotspot in the past two weeks.

Some drivers reported being stuck in traffic for almost two hours while trying to enter the sunshine state.

However, Chief Superintendant Wheeler said the new-look passes will hopefully help to ease the congestion.

“If we can get a really good uptake by the community with the new process, what it can mean is, particularly when you’re dealing with tens of thousands of vehicles a day across our five checkpoints, we only have to save a couple of seconds per vehicle and over a day that adds up to many hours,” he said.

“So the efficiency is going to really improve and it will mean instead of being lined up, especially if you’re in a NSW vehicle and you have to be intercepted, if you’ve got the new pass it gives us the ability to do a visual inspection and move you into the priority lane to get you into Queensland quicker.”

To download a new-look Queensland border declaration pass, click here. The passes are valid for 7 days.

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Need a new one for border residents that are required to use the Miles street checkpoint, should save the traffic jam on Ducat St if actual locals only can use it.

Yes why not have a special pass for locals!
x**X could be the go instead of letter G.
Or W for winger.

If you have passed the border and intend stating in QLD for more than 7 days do you need to renew after 7 days?

I have passed the border and intend travelling through Qld do I have to renew my pass every 7 days?

I got my pass last Thursday, do I now have to get a new one?

I am going on the bus and need a new border passfor my ipjhoneplease, thank you
Kind regards
Rose-Marie André