REVEALED: The Candyman dishes the dirt ahead of his wild GC party this weekend

This Saturday night, Travers “The Candyman” Beynon will be holding another one of his infamous parties at his Gold Coast mansion.

Chatting exclusively to 1029 Hot Tomato’s Flan & Emily Jade this morning, The Candyman revealed his Seven Deadly Sins themed bash is set to be even more wild than the last one.


“It’s going to be much bigger. We spent two and half hours yesterday in a production meeting. We are ramping it up – there will be some of the biggest shows on the Gold Coast there. I never divulge any of the party acts though,” he told the breakfast hosts. “I’ve been throwing these parties before I started in the tobacco game. People can escape for a day and come and live a fantasy.”

In addition to his wife, the candyman told Flan & Emily Jade that all of his girlfriends will be in attendance at the “no expenses spared” event. “I’ve got 5 (girlfriends) at the moment and I’ve got another 5 coming in from overseas.”

With 10 girlfriends and a wife, the Candyman said he has hired help to keep him up to date with anniversaries and birthdays. “I have three assistants who are not in the bed. They help out with all the domestic stuff.”

As for the haters, he said he “doesn’t give a s***” what they think. “There’s two ways to look at life – the lighthearted way or the judgmental way. For me, it’s about enjoying what life is all about and not taking it so seriously.”

For more juicy details about The Candyman’s insane party this weekend, listen to the full interview below:

Last year, The Candyman granted his first ever radio interview to 1029 Hot Tomato’s Flan and Emily Jade where he revealed intimate details about his mansion. “If you get an invite to my party, you can walk through the Versace room, pass expensive urns. But my master bedroom is off limits,” he said.

But he wasn’t shy telling the breakfast host about what was in the no-entry boudoir. “There’s three king size beds together and there’s two other king size beds just sitting on the floor as well,” he boasted.

Find out more about The Candyman by listening to the interview below: