REVEALED: Exactly who can and can’t cross the Qld border

The Queensland Government has established a new border bubble between the Gold Coast and Tweed Shire ahead of tomorrow’s hard border lockdown.

It means residents who live on either side of the border will be allowed to travel freely between the two communities.

However, anyone who lives outside of the new dedicated zone, so residents in Byron Bay who travel to the Gold Coast and Brisbane for work, will be banned from entering the state.


According to the Queensland Health website, a border zone resident is someone who lives in a community on the Queensland New South Wales border.

“This includes both sides of the border – people who live in Queensland but work or go to school in their neighbouring border town, or people who live in New South Wales but come to work or school in their neighbouring border town in Queensland,” the website reads.

They say those border zone residents can cross the border for “any purpose”, despite reports yesterday that residents will only be allowed to cross for work or other essential purposes.

PHOTO: Full list of postcodes included in Gold Coast and Tweed border bubble.

The tough border lockdown kicks in at 1.00am on Saturday, when all of Victoria, New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory will be barred from the sunshine state after being declared COVID-19 hotspots.

Queensland residents returning from these areas will still be allowed to do so, but they will have to enter the state via plane and touch down at Brisbane Airport where they will be forced into 14 days of hotel quarantine at their own expense.

The new border pass system is expected to be up and running online by this afternoon, and when it is, those in the above border communities are being urged to apply for the new locals X-PASS, which will require a home address and photo ID.

For more information on the new border travel bubble, click here.

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Good, but how do you know if someone has travelled further than the exclusion zone?
By reading through this i can drive anywhere in NSW and return to QLD so long as i reside in a border community.
Yes i will have to lie on the border pass, but that’s what people have been doing anyway.
Will stop the responsible people but not those who don’t care.

That’s where it is so unfair. I live in Nelson bay and see Queenslanders all the time there but I cannot cross the border to see my partner. Have seen him once in 8 months

Yeah, but if you DO get caught out somehow, you’re up for $13,000+ in fines and/or 6 months in the clink.

I live in Tweed Heads,but do a day or two work i9n the Brisbane area,,according to the story posted i will not be allowed to travel up there,,or am i reading it wrong?

I have just got a border pass and says if you a construction worker you may travel straight to the work site and not leave confinement’s of the site!! That is only if you live on a border town and haven’t been to a declared hotspot

You are not reading it wrong, you cannot go to Brisbane if a NSW border resident.
NSW border residents are basically trapped rats, can only travel a couple postcodes North or South

Wrong. Depends on your work.

I live in the Tweed shire but work in mining in Emerald will I be aloud to travel to work

You need to contact your employer. You may come under Essential Work. There are special passes and procedures for that. Your employer will know where you stand.

I think you will have a different kind of pass

See page 2 :It is very clear ? ‘that Border Zone residents ie Gold Coast for Qld will not be allowed to travel outside
of the zone in either Qld or NSW” so no one from the Gold Coast can leave the Gold Coast LGA ?
This has to be some kind of joke !!

You read it wrong mate. You can travel almost anywhere in your state but cant go past the bubble in the other state. Read!!!

I read it as you have, due to it not specifying N.S.W. residents, but maybe we are wrong. If we are then, how is the closure going to do anything to help stop the spread if people outside the bubble on both sides of the border can also come in and out of the bubble. As an example person A ( who is infected but doesn’t know it ) travels from Sydney to a N.S.W. border bubble town to visit a friend and infects person B, who then travels to a town on the Qld. side of the border bubble and infects person C who lives outside the bubble but is visiting someone in it. Person C then returns home and infects more people in more areas. I have only mentioned 3 people but given the average infected person is likely to pass it on to 30 people then this becomes 900 cases. I see this bubble concept becoming a border bubble blunder.


Very well thought out. Obviously the government didn’t think this through…

i don’t think the Qld government has had much education doing the maths on this one Sceanairo this is exactly what was I thinking. What if someone came from a COVID hotspot and stayed in Tweed heads? and passed on the virus to a Tweed resident now pass it on to a Coolangatta resident and let the chain reaction begin. yeah it’s a state election year and the knives are being sharpened but the tools are as blunt under the alfoil bubble.

Rubbish, unless you lie you cant travel from a hotspot

Jack, you must be working for the QLD government?

No that’s incorrect as a Qld resident you can travel any where you like in Qld, you are just not allowed past the border bubble of NSW Tweed area.

You read it wrong, that applies to NSW border zone residents, they are tapped in the border zone.
QLD border zone residents can go anywhere in QLD and as far south as the NSW border zone.

NSW residents aren’t trapped in the border zone. However if they travel outside the border zone in NSW, they are blocked from entering Qld for 14 days.

We live in Tweed Heads (2486) and have a confirmed booking to get a new car( bought from Southport Skoda) annual service.
Are we , that is my registered partner and myself) allowed to travel to Southport a.m and return to TH in the p.m?

Yes. Have a look at the Qld and NSW border maps. Southport is well within those zones

I saw the postcodes for n.s.w I live 2490 on the tweed river am I excluded from crossing the border

Being Tweed Shire you should be ok.

If I am NSW/ QLD border community resident can I still travel everywhere in NSW if I am not crossing QLD / NSW border ?

If you are a NSW resident and live in NSW with no intention of travelling to can travel anywhere within NSW. .

Excelt you should not go to a hotspot unless you have an idiot badge

I forgot to mention that I live on NSW side .

I interpret it as residents on nsw side of the fence can’t travel outside the zone. At all. So happy to be proven wrong but that’s what it looks like to me.

Wrong, learn to read

See Barry’s response to Richard Kranum above. Perhaps you should learn to read yourself Jack, and perhaps look to inoculation for faceless, idiotic online abuse.

Qld Health webpage does indeed say “NSW border zone residents can’t travel beyond the border zone in Queensland or NSW”. Of course the practical interpretation is, as others with more patience than yourself have written, that NSW residents of the Tweed can only enter Qld if they have not left their zone within the last 14 days.

All measures require a degree of honesty and interpretation.

I would like to know this to, I live in Kingscliff and have family in Ballina that I would want to visit.

You can travel to Ballina but as it’s outside the bubble you won’t be able to cross into QLD for 14 days. If you have no intention of going to QLD it won’t impact you.

We have a 7 day holiday booked for Stanthorpe postcode 4380. We live in South Tweed 2486. It looks to me like we can go? Am I right about this.

You will have to clarify ..but if you can drive solely within the bubble area. should be Mt Lindsay Highway..not sure if via Boonah will be completely within the bubble. .
its sort of stretching interpretations

I’d probably clarify that one Nicole. It sounds to me like they are talking about immediate border crossing ie Tweed Shire to Gold Coast. Same if to had a border postcode out west. If you are travelling to cross over at another location it sounds to me that you may have issue. I may be wrong; it’s just the way I read it.. You may need to check so you don’t get caught out.

I live in the town of Nimbin which is in the postcode of 2480 iam about an hour or two from the Qld border can I travel from Nimbin 2480 into queensland as I cannot see Nimbin NSW 2480 listed anywhere

You can but you would be risking a massive fine dude

You might have an issue if you don’t have photo ID showing residency in Tweed Shire.

What i would like to have clarified is the “hot spot” retrospective? or does it start from tomorrow? All these people rushing through the border now have transited N.S.W. which will be a “hot spot” but does or will the new declaration have me tick a box to say i have been in,say,Byron bay within the last 14 days?

It will ask if you’ve been in a declared hot spot in the past 14 days. I’m operating on the assumption it’s retrospective otherwise people coming from those places now would still be able to cross for the next two weeks. I had to drop a friend at Brunswick yesterday to catch an uber the rest of the way to Ballina airport because I didn’t want to risk not being allowed to get to work in QLD.

Can you travel to any bordering town or is it only close to home? I am meant to be visiting family in 2406 it is a border town and they live about 1km over the border in nsw! I am living Gold Coast qld

I work in the gas fields as a essential worker am I abel to go to work live in tweed

You’ll have to contact your employer, essential work are special cases. They will have to provide you with paperwork to cross the border.

Is burringbar residents allowed to go through? It is the last part of the tweed shire. Makes it confusing.

Hi i am a landscape gardener i live at Nerang i travel to NSW/possum creek postcode 2479.
i work on a 100 acre property i am the groundsman. will i be ok to travel there and back ?

You will be put into 14 days quarantine when you return to Qld.
Might be a good idea to find temporary accommodation close to work.

2479 postcode is outside of the approved area, so you won’t be able to go there without risking quarantine going back to QLD.

It states that if you travel for work or school from one side of the border to the other side you are free to cross the border. Does this mean that; even though you live in a postcode as seen in the map, if you do not work or have to go to school across the border you cannot cross the border even to visit family say in hospital or at home

QLD CHO said border residents can cross for any reason. As long as you live in a highlighted suburb, have a valid pass and ID and stay within the boundaries you should be fine.

I live in tweed heads and am having a visitor from Brisbane stay next week. She will not travel outside the “bubble”. Will she need a pass to travel home?

I’m not sure if she’ll qualify for a pass to return to QLD. My understanding is that only residents in the highlighted postcodes are able to cross from either direction. As Tweed residents we can’t go to Brisbane. I would say it’s the same in reverse. It would be worth checking or she might be up for a two week quarantine stay to get back home.

Thanks Sam, I took a walk to the border crossing at Coolangatta this morning and talked with the people there. They confirm what you told me. Thanks for your help.

No she’s not a border resident

I live in ocean shores (2483) and tried to get a boarder pass this morning. its saying that im not a boarder resident depsite the map above showing that i am. it would seem theyve changed it be alot less inclusive.
this effects me as i work in burleigh heads!
is there any way around this?

Gold Coast news last night said it had been amended to just Tweed Shire. Before, ocean Shores had been part of the bubble, yes.

What a blunder. Good luck.

I’m a registered nurse living in the 2482 postcode area, just outside the inclusion zone. I’m employed at a Gold coast hospital on a permanent basis, due back Monday morning. Under the current restrictions, it appears I’m ineligible for a border pass. Several of my work colleagues including doctors fall into the same category; the hospital will be short-staffed. I hope they change the restrictions for essential workers.

What if you’re a construction worker and live in Tweed but your jobs are further south and further north of the tweed/GC bubble

You can go further south than the border zone if you live in NSW. However if you do you won’t be able to enter Qld at all for at least 14 days.
You can’t travel further north into Qld than the north edge of the border zone for any reason. (unless you’re an essential worker or otherwise exempt)

So now on the border pass declaration it’s saying ocean shores is now not in the bubble. When on the picture it says it is….

yeah ive noticed the same thing! very frustrating. i wrote an email to qldgov but no response yet. do you have any news on this? im due to start a job in burleigh heads on wednesday!

so i live in tweed and if my neighbour for example travels sth out of the bubble and comes home i understand he cannot go into qld for 14 days, but he can walk around tweed with his bugs and give them to everyone in that right

No. They assume that we will socially distance and be responsible. Simple. 🙂

Hello, Im a dentist that lives in Benowa GC and works in Byron Bay. I assumed Medical Staff are Essential Workers. We do mainly emergency work. if i need to quarantine for 14 it would be a disaster as there a patients that have unfinished work. Nothing mentioned about this.

“He’s a bubble boy! He lives in a bubble…”

Thank you Seinfeld 😂

If I live in postcode 4122 can I go into NSW bubble area

Anyone from Qld can enter NSW. On returning to Qld you will need to quarantine for 14 days, however. (assuming you are allowed to enter Qld on return)
People who live in the defined border postcodes of Qld are exempt.

I know its a bit confusing – and it changes often – and some of the ideas are not thought out practically – but the govt website really does answer most of the questions I’ve just read people asking here. The new NSW/QLD bubble does show all the postcodes where NSW and QLD peoples can freely move between, without needing a reason and without needing to quarantine – PROVIDING they have not been in a registered hot spot or overseas (good luck if you can mange to have come from overseas!) or been in contact with someone with this infection in the previous 14 days. If your postcode is not on the map, you are not in the bubble.

The bubble residents then apply on line for an X form to put on their windscreen, which incidentally requires the number of your driving licence or a Medicare card or an 18 Plus car, plus all your own details and the place where you intend to go to, and you can travel anywhere in that bubble. So, it seem, for example, someone from Pottsville can goto Brisbane. And yesterday the map showed that Brunswick Heads and Ocean Shores were in the bubble – but a no go for Mullumbimbi or Byron!
However, there is a rumour going around that today the ABC TV announced that 2483 (Brunswick Heads area) had been removed from the list. But we will ignore that for the time being, as its not verified at this point.This is an interesting one to use as an example – you could live in Ocean Shores and be allowed to go into QLD because you are in the bubble. But to do that means you are not allowed (as per the QLD rules but not the NSW rules) to meet with any friends from any of the other areas in NSW that are not in the bubble. Of course, anyone living in the ‘persona non grata’ areas may travel freely into the NSW bubble areas, so technically you could come in contact with them without knowing where they came from. Confused. Aren’t we all!


The full list of postcodes eligible for X passes is below:Taken from the Qld Govt website early on 8th August)

4492: Thargomindah, Noccundra, Bulloo Downs, Dynevor, Bullawarra, Durham, Norley, Nockatunga
4491: Eulo
4493: Hungerford
4490: Cunnamulla, Yowah, Barringun, Cuttaburra, Tuen, Noorama, Widgeegoara, Humeburn, Jobs Gate, Coongoola, Linden
4486: Dirranbandi, Hebel
4496: North Talwood, South Talwood
4494: Bungunya, North Bungunya, Tarawera
4495: Toobeah, Kioma
4390: Goondiwindi, Kindon, Lundavra, Wyaga, Callandoon, Wondalli, Yagaburne, Billa Billa, Goodar, Calingunee
4385: Smithlea, Texas
4382: Ballandean, Wyberba, Girraween, Lyra, Somme
4380: Stanthorpe, Mingoola, Eukey, Severnlea, Mount Tully,
4377: Glen Niven, The Summit, Maryland
4374 Dalveen, Palgrave, Goldfields
4370: Maryvale, Warwick, Pratten, Rosenthal Heights

4373: Killarney, The Falls, The Head
4310: Boonah, Mount Alford, Dugandan, Coochin, Carneys Creek,
4287: Mount Barney, Rathdowney, Running Creek, Palen Creek, Barney View, Mount Lindesay
4275: Canungra, Boyland, Wonglepong, Biddaddaba, Witheren, Sarabah, Illinbah, Ferny Glen, Benobble, Flying Fox, O‘Reilly
4285: Beaudesert, Cedar Vale, Mundoolun, Kooralbyn, Gleneagle
4213: Worongary, Mudgeeraba, Bonogin, Gold Coast, Springbrook, Tallai, Austinville, Neranwood
4209: Pimpama, Upper Coomera, Gold Coast, Coomera, Willow Vale
4207: Gold Coast, Yarrabilba, Brisbane, Edens Landing

2880: Broken Hill, Cameron Corner, Tibooburra, Silverton
2840: Bourke, Tilpa, Wanaaring, Enngonia, Louth, Fords Bridge, Yantabulla, North Bourke, Gunderbooka, Gumbalie, Hungerford
2839: Brewarrina, Weilmoringle, Gongolgon, Narran Lake, Talawanta, Collerina
2838: Goodooga
2834: Lightning Ridge, Angledool
2833: Collarenebri
2406: Mungindi
2405: Garah, Boomi
2409: Boggabilla, Boonal
2410: Yetman, Twin Rivers
2361: Atholwood, Bonshaw, Pindaroi, Ashford, Limestone
2372: Tenterfield, Boonoo Boonoo, Liston, Cullendore
2476: Woodenbong, Koreelah, Muli Muli, Acacia Creek
2474: Kyogle, Cawongla, Toonumbar, Wiangaree, Barkers Vale

2484: Murwillumbah, Crystal Creek, Tyalgum, Uki, Dungay
2483: Brunswick Heads, Ocean Shores, Burringbar, Billinudgel
2489: Pottsville, Hastings Point
2488: Tweed Heads, Cabarita Beach, Bogangar, Tanglewood
2484: Murwillumbah, Crystal Creek, Tyalgum, Uki, Dungay
2486: Tweed Heads, Banora Point, Terranora, Bilambil Heights

2483 is both in Tweed and Byron Shires. It has been shown above, but now not on the website. Yet the article says Tweed Shire is ok. So it needs to be clarified if the Tweed part of 2483 is ok still, or that part is cut out now.

The list is postcodes, not LGAs. 2483 was removed late on 7/8.

Bummer 🙁 it’s the tiniest population in Burringbar:( it’s where I’m originally from, my elderly dad is theirs and I’m just over the border in Qld 🙁


NOTE: 2483 has disappeared. Not sure if others have as well.

2361 4207
2372 4208
2405 4209
2406 4210
2409 4211
2410 4212
2474 4213
2476 4214
2484 4215
2485 4216
2486 4217
2487 4218
2488 4220
2489 4221
2490 4222
2833 4223
2834 4224
2838 4225
2839 4226
2840 4227
2880 4228

Last updated: 8 August 2020

Also just read another directive that said people coming from NSW needed to stay in the Gold Coast Zone>> Which cuts out Brisbane. Could they make this more confusing?
2483 postcode covers

I live in south tweed heads 2486 am i able to cross the border into qld …i find it all very confusing

Yes, you just need to apply for a pass and stay within the designated boundaries on both sides of the border.

I have some tradesmen from QLD due to do some work for me in Brunswick Heads – 2483. Not sure if they can or can’t?

They can come to you. However they would have to quarantine for 14 days when returning to Qld.
I would be contacting them.

What are the health exemptions for Post codes like Byron Bay and Lismore who do cancer or vital heart surgeries in QLD normaly. You are blocking worker so therefore QLD should be responible for the hardship payments the Northern Rivers is not a hot spot has no comunity transmission the law breakers were QLD residents not NSW so we get hit with the stick because QLD cant control there citizens.

My parents live in postcode 2483 I live in 4230, looking at the map I should be ok?

2483 was unfortunately removed from the approved postcodes list before the border closed on Saturday. So your parents won’t qualify for a border residents pass to go north. Your postcode will but you would be driving outside of the bubble, meaning quarantine on return to QLD. Which now, unless you have an exemption to enter by road, all entry to QLD must be by air in order to control movement of those going into quarantine.

I live in post code 2483 can I travel to John Flynn Hospital in Queensland for an appointment?

I think you may have to apply for an exemption from the CHO as your address will not allow you to do so on the website.

From this Covid Border crisis, the Qld government would like to take control of far northern NSW districts. unfortunately, They can’t afford to buy northern NSW towns of Tweed, Ballina and Byron and bring them into QLD state bubble, but at what cost family, friends and lives. The NSW premi refuses to sell these Golden Towns for Rock bottom barrel prices. This is political madness and it’s going to blow up in their faces we don’t own this land we don’t impose physical barriers on this land like China and its great wall. This is unAustralian what’s happening at the moment and God help us when the big Man watching from up there could be thinking about this behaviour its unwarranted lives are what is at stake.

I’m a Renderer living in tweed but 90% of my work is in Brisbane. What does this mean for me

You cannot go. You will need to find alternate work.

I live in the town of Nimbin which is in the postcode of 2480 iam about an hour or two from the Qld border can I travel from Nimbin 2480 into queensland as I cannot see Nimbin NSW 2480 listed anywhere and I can’t see Lismore NSW 2480 either WTF ????????

Just leave the package at the border for collection in an inconspicuous hessian bag

Last edited 10 months ago by Joe

This is dumb,I’m a sales rep I live on tweed side and travel both sides now I cant go to work in Ballina, Byron Or if I do I have to go into 14 day lockdown, how does she get now control Nsw as well!! she’s playing with my livelihood here and I can’t afford to give those days up I lose Klm money also. Alright for her!!

This is so hard for our area . All the houses being built in Lennox now can’t get their supplies.
But the worst is all the medical specialists etc that Ballina and Byron Shire residents need to access . Absolutely unfair when we don’t have a choice with no services in this region.🤪😏😔

I live in Lennox Head 2478
My 15 yr old had an operation last month at GC University Hospital that saw her hospitalised fir 5 days .
We have an appointment in early Sept for a check up . Then they were going to schedule part two of her treatment that has already been cancelled once in March . Will we be allowed to go to hospital?

Hello. Can a Queensland resident living in Brisbane travel to tweed for work?
Thank you

Hi, I live on the gold coast but have a parents in Lismore. can I visit them on my boarder pass

Lismore is not in the border bubble. You would need to quarantine once returning to QLD at your own expense

I live in the QLD border bubble (Mt Tamborine) and would like to visit friends living in the NSW border bubble. Can I stay overnight and return the following day?

If my partner is working on Sunshine Coast on roads/construction & we meet in tweed, can he go back without isolating?? I live in Maclean 2463.

I live in Brisbane and work in kyogle NSW during the week and come home on weekends dose the border pass cover me

Know of someone who lives in Byron,drives to the border and walks across to meet QLD girlfriend.

Can a border resident fly from the Gold Coast ?

i live near Brisbane city , am I aloud to cross the border at Coolangatta to see my family in the western suburbs in Sydney ? I’m getting dropped off at the border and walking across and getting picked up further down the road over the border. Am I aloud to do this ? Someone please help

No your definitely breaking the laws atm

Can i visit my daughter in qld if i am living inside the bubble

I live in Labrador 4215 andvwish to visit my daughter in Murwillimbah 2484 for father’s day. What do I need to do?

i live in tweed,can i go up to logan?

Can someone living in Brisbane come into nsw tweed border bubble area and return home to Brisbane without quarantining