REVEALED: Exactly who can and can’t cross the Qld border

The Queensland Government has established a new border bubble between the Gold Coast and Tweed Shire ahead of tomorrow’s hard border lockdown.

It means residents who live on either side of the border will be allowed to travel freely between the two communities.

However, anyone who lives outside of the new dedicated zone, so residents in Byron Bay who travel to the Gold Coast and Brisbane for work, will be banned from entering the state.


According to the Queensland Health website, a border zone resident is someone who lives in a community on the Queensland New South Wales border.

“This includes both sides of the border – people who live in Queensland but work or go to school in their neighbouring border town, or people who live in New South Wales but come to work or school in their neighbouring border town in Queensland,” the website reads.

They say those border zone residents can cross the border for “any purpose”, despite reports yesterday that residents will only be allowed to cross for work or other essential purposes.

PHOTO: Full list of postcodes included in Gold Coast and Tweed border bubble.

The tough border lockdown kicks in at 1.00am on Saturday, when all of Victoria, New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory will be barred from the sunshine state after being declared COVID-19 hotspots.

Queensland residents returning from these areas will still be allowed to do so, but they will have to enter the state via plane and touch down at Brisbane Airport where they will be forced into 14 days of hotel quarantine at their own expense.

The new border pass system is expected to be up and running online by this afternoon, and when it is, those in the above border communities are being urged to apply for the new locals X-PASS, which will require a home address and photo ID.

For more information on the new border travel bubble, click here.